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About Walt Patterson

Born in Canada in 1936, I came to the UK in 1960, married my English wife Cleone in 1966 and have been here ever since. Trained as a nuclear physicist, I have spent my life teaching, writing and troublemaking. You can find more details here.

I have published fourteen books and hundreds of papers, articles and reviews, on nuclear power, coal technology, renewable energy, energy systems, energy policy and electricity. Since 1991 I have been a fellow of what is now the Environment and Society Centre at Chatham House in London. I am a visiting fellow of the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex. I am a founder member of the International Energy Advisory Council.

My two previous books were called Transforming Electricity and Keeping The Lights On: Towards Sustainable Electricity. My latest, Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future, is now available for free download here as an ebook or a PDF. If you prefer, you can still order the paperback of Electricity Vs Fire, just £5.00 from Amazon UK or $7.50 from Amazon US, plus shipping, and similar prices from Amazon worldwide.

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