Walt Patterson On Energy


In the first surge of concern for 'the environment', I contributed to supplements in the UK Press Gazette: 'Learning to live within our dwindling means' (1972) and 'Is this the best use of energy and land?' (1973). In the 1970s I contributed frequent columns to the US magazine Environment. In 1974, in the Canadian magazine Science Forum, I discussed Helping the public judge contentious issues involving science. In 1980 I reflected on the history of technology - 'Why you should keep looking over your shoulder'. In 1981 I noted the tenth anniversary of Friends of the Earth - 'The disposable misconception'. In 1982 I revisited the UN Conference on the Human Environment in Stockholm in 1972.

In February 1989 I surveyed the government way with energy and environment. In November 1989 I talked to Oxford students about 'Environmental Troublemaking'. In 1991 I wondered 'Are we throwing away the planet's future?'. In 1992 I reflected on 'The commercialization of new technologies'.

Since 1998 I've contributed columns to Modern Power Systems.

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