Walt Patterson On Energy - Columns from Modern Power Systems

Lessons from a small island (November 1998)
Know your acronyms (December 1998)
From talking shop to major player (February 1999)
What do you mean, 'modern power systems'? (March 1999)
Turning fine words into deeds (May 1999)
Power for the people (August 1999)
Take out some insurance (November 1999)
Cogeneration heard and seen (March 2000)
I don't like renewables (May 2000)
Watch your climate language (December 2000)
Bush, climate and energy policy (June 2001)
Distributed energy runs the planet (August 2001)
How much does electricity cost? (November 2002)
Lovins, RMI and small, profitable electricity (March 2003)
Wanted: caution, purpose, flair (April 2004)
Snow White and the clean dwarf (November 2004)
Infrastructure needed, not fuel (April 2005)
Wind in power systems: bringing it to book (May 2005)
Renewables go north (August 2005)
From Edison to Enron (March 2006)
Listen to this guy Fawkes (August 2007)
A modern power system on your tabletop? (October 2007)
Luminaries in the desert limelight (May 2008)
Upgrading electricity (May 2009)
Electricity To The Rescue (January 2011)
Smart grid? We can do better (February 2012)
We can have a secure energy future – but do we want it?
Advancing beyond the Fire Age (January 2014)
The utility model - has it outlived its usefulness? (September 2016)

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