Walt Patterson On Energy - Nuclear articles

Guardian articles

Japanese germ warfare tests...
The island they blasted and damned
Would you want to whistle at a Hiroshima swimsuit?
The cloud that could cast a shadow anywhere
Crashing about in the nuclear wilderness
The Slow Dawn of the Fast Reactor
Britain's Part in a Nuclear Falling Out
A bandwagon without the banned
Grim legacy of meltdown
Now what?
Anatomy of an accident
Pay your electricity bill and buy a bomb
A dramatic change in attitudes
The Man Who Shook the World

New Scientist articles

US ponders possible runaway reactors
George Weil - from activator to activist
Love me do
Fox with a nuclear bite
Hiroshima pilgrimage

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists articles

The nuclear civil war
Breeders interbreeding
Nuclear streetfighting
Solar versus Nuclear
Decision-making for Energy Futures
Energy In France
"Put It Somewhere Else!"
Renewable Energy
The Open University Tackles Control of Technology
Positive Thinking
Energy Conservation: "Not Doing Without but Doing More"
Future Energy Consumption of the Third World
A report on Sizewell
Breeder reactor politics in Europe
Chernobyl - the official story
Chernobyl - worst but not first
Japan's perilous plutonium flights

Vole articles

Brave Nuclear World
Ho-hum - another nuclear outrage

Other articles

Nuclear power
The British Atom
Is fission worth it?
Windscale to be world capital for radioactive waste?
The Bellman cometh
Plutonium: Our Fearful Option
A Marshall plan, nuclear style
Exporting Armageddon
"Environmental" Involvement in British Civil Nuclear Policy
Sellafield should stop nuclear reprocessing
In search of the peaceful atom
Nuclear Power and its Opponents
Why rush to spread radioactivity?
Japan's nuclear crisis
Osirak Raid: A vote of no confidence in Atomic Agency

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