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Nuclear Power

When Penguin Books first published Nuclear Power, in March 1976, it received more than 30 reviews in the UK alone, sold out within weeks and thereafter reprinted repeatedly. In 1983 it appeared in a second edition, with some 25 per cent new material; and in 1986 with a new Postscript - a week before they blew up Chernobyl. All told the book sold some 130 000 copies in English, and also appeared in five foreign languages.

Journalists, academics, nuclear opponents and the nuclear industry all read it. So did the public: 'That book of yours, Nuclear Power - I thought I could never read something like that, but I read the whole thing!'

If you've not read it, or have lost your copy, here for free download is the 1986 edition of Nuclear Power. It is still downloaded from this site hundreds of times a month.

With the invaluable help of Josep 'Pep' Puig of the Grup de Cientifics i Tècnics per un Futur No Nuclear in Barcelona, we are also now able to offer Hispanic readers a download of La Energía Nuclear.

I recently discovered the remarkable nuclear archive site LAKA, a treasure trove of historic and current material about nuclear issues. To my delight Dirk Bannink and his team at LAKA have prepared a PDF of the Dutch edition of Nuclear Power, which I can now offer here - Kernenergie. Hartelijk dank Dirk!

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