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The Energy Alternative

In 1988-9 I joined a team making a documentary series for Channel 4. I persuaded them that it should be called not 'Alternative Energy' but 'The Energy Alternative' - a new way to think about energy. My book The Energy Alternative: Changing The Way The World Works (Boxtree 1990) became the basis for the series. In 1991 the paperback edition was chosen one of the 'Green Books of the year'.

In 2017 I reread it for the first time in over a decade. I initially wanted only to correct typos; but I was both delighted and dismayed to find that so many years after it first appeared it is still all too relevant. The story it tells still works. Much has changed; coal has outlived its usefulness, as has the expression ´the Third World´. But too many influential people still think ´energy´ is about supplying fuels and eĺectricity, when it is really about doing what we want to do, as effectively and elegantly as possible.

For those who think we ought to change the way the world works, here for free download, now typo-free (I hope), is The Energy Alternative.

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