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Every year, at the Winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, I send out Solstice Greetings to some 600 friends and colleagues around the world, to celebrate the return of the sun for the coming year. I just realized that they also ought to appear here, for any readers of this website. So here are this years Solstice Greetings. Linda Pentz Gunter of the campaigning website Beyond Nuclear International asked me for permission to reprint my Greetings, which I was delighted to give; so here is Linda's elegant reprint.

At last, some genuinely good news. In May 2006 my late beloved Cleone and I lost one of our best friends, the one who shaped our future lives together by turning us into environmentalists. His name was Bob Hunter, the funny, courageous visionary who co-founded Greenpeace. Bob's devoted partner and widow, Bobbi, has now completed her latest mission, putting together a book-length memorial to Bob, given the title of one of his inspired coinages, Mr Mindbomb. The book has just been published: Mr-Mindbomb It is a compilation of memories of Bob by his many friends and co- troublemakers - extraordinary adventures in defence of the planet and its natural wonders. As a small contributor I urge you to track down this enjoyable and inspiring read. It shows that despite all too much evidence to the contrary, sometimes the good guys win.

After almost endless vicissitudes with the NHS I'm almost finished all my various appointments, after two successful cataract operations my eyesight is dramatically improved. The NHS has been literally for me a lifesaver; let's insist that governments give it the support and funding its dedicated workers deserve.

For many medical reasons following my stroke in December 2021 I have no news to report about my own activities. What was here I've moved, for covenience, somewhat mendaciously to recent work.

My friends at the Science Museum at last finished cataloguing the 602 books in the Patterson Nuclear Collection that I donated to the Museum two decades ago. I think it may be a unique resource for anyone interested in the history of nuclear energy, military and civil. The Collection is now online and searchable here.

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