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I joined Chatham House as an associate fellow in 1991. My CH colleagues pointed out that 2016 was therefore my 25th anniversary at CH. On 19 September they organized a celebration for me, at which I gave a presentation I called ´House of Stories´. It surveys my time at CH, comments on my worldview and concludes with a foretaste of what I hope will be my next book.

The September 2016 issue of Modern Power Systems includes my article asking ¨The utility model - has it outlived its usefulness?¨.

Meanwhlle, my latest book, Electricity Vs Fire: The Fight For Our Future, is free to download here as an ebook or a PDF. The paperback is also available from Amazon, just £5.00 in the UK or $7.50 in the US, plus shipping. The February-March 2016 issue of the Chatham House monthly The World Today published my article 'The burning issue', a concise summary of the central theme of Electricity Vs Fire.

If you enjoy Electricity Vs Fire do please spread the word about it, perhaps review it on Amazon or indeed elsewhere, and let your friends know about it - particularly friends who find 'energy' and 'climate' boring. ('Energy' appears only halfway through the book, briefly, 'climate' not at all.) Indeed I'd also be pleased to hear from you. As ´House of Stories´ makes clear, this work is continuing, and I greatly appreciate your interest.

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